Speaker line-up

Let’s get to the point: this is the current list of speakers for the IdeaLab! 2008 – all of them were and still are pioneers with their ideas and will provide you with their valuable advice and experiences.

Oliver Samwer

We all know his history: after his studies at the WHU in Vallendar Oliver launched the online auction platform alando.de together with his brothers Marc and Alexander. After no more than a few months they were able to sell it successfully to eBay. With the newly acquired capital he went on to start Jamba!, the mobile content provider that was to become his most successful exit to date. For the last three years Oliver was mainly active as an investor – managing the European Founders Fund together with his brothers. At the beginning of 2008 it became known that he made a significant investment in Facebook. Mabye he’ll tell us more about it at the conference?

Suhas Gopinath

14 years old, without a single cent in your pocket. What to do? Found your own company and get rich. That’s exactly what Suhas Gopinath did when he became famous as the world’s youngest CEO a few years ago. His first project www.coolhindustan.com turned into Globals Inc, which he founded in San José the very same year. Globals Inc grew continuously during the past years and is now an established multinational IT consultancy with offices in over 11 countries. Besides his executive role in the company he’s studying on the side, is involved with PeTA and was able to speak in the European parliament. Recently Suhas was awarded the title of “Young Global Leader” at the World Economic Forum in Davos – next to luminaries like Leonardo DiCrapio, the prince of Brunei or US governor Bobby Jindal.

Julian Riedlbauer

Julian Riedlbauer has been in the business for a long time. 18 years ago he founded Connect Service Riedlbauer, a telecom and network trading firm. Shortly afterwards he sold his company – having been consulted by Corporate Finance Partners. We went on to occupy numerous management positions at Tiscali, Wapme and Addcom. During the past 4 years he’s been working for ElectronicPartners, recently as Managing Director Germany. Since March Julian is managing director at Corporate Finance Partners and we’re looking forward to having him as a speaker at IdeaLab!

Ehssan Dariani

Ehssan Dariani was 24 years old in the summer of 2005 when he started studiVZ, of which he’s been CEO and has invented the word “Gruscheln”, which will soon be found in major German dictionaries. With an exit in the high 8-digits after only slightly more than a year he clearly marked an all-time record in the European startup scene. Before he has studied physics and economics in Göttingen and St. Gallen, Switzerland. “Success is when you have lots of fun, create things and even make money doing that. What’s important: Always keep your integrity.” As founder of Gruschel GmbH he is active as an investor, consultant and friend of startups. His investments include brands4friends, for which he, as seed investor, coined the term “Fashion Angels”.

Also among his best friends are, among others: triphunter, käuferportal, amiando, panfu. Contact: studiVZ.

Lukasz Gadowski

Lukasz has been studying commerical information technology and business at the University Mannheim, the HHL Leipzig and Georgia Tech. Founding companies is something Lukasz seems to have in his blood. But his real break-through was in 2002 with Spreadshirt, which he founded during his studies. The company has won numerous awards and is still known as one of the most successful German startups. Although Spreadshirt has stayed loyal to its hometown of Leipzig, it has expanded globally with several European and American offices.

Since 2005 Lukasz is also active as a private investor (recently with his new company Team Europe Ventures) and is involved in a great number of German startup companies (just one example: brands4friends.de)

Kolja Hebenstreit

Kolja Hebenstreit (24) is head of the business division for end customers at Spreadshirt. In addition, Kolja is a well-known German business angel and was one of the first investors of StudiVZ. Some of the projects he currently supports are Absolventa, mymuesli and brands4friends.

His first company, netnovate, was founded by Kolja in 2002. His blog KoljaHebenstreit.de deals with marketing strategies and tools for startups (German only).

Martin Ott

After studying Business Administration at WHU near Koblenz, Martin started his financial career as a consultant at Dresdner Bank in Frankfurt, as financial analyst at Arthur Andersen in Moscow and in the Strategic Marketing Division of Lafarge Corp. in Virginia. Till the end of 2007 he was COO at Jamba! (Newscorp./Versign) and then moved on to become Co-CEO at Moneybookers. During his time at Jamba!/Jamster his field of action was in the Marketing Department, supporting worldwide marketing activities and product strategies. In 2008 he joined Moneybookers and is responsible for the areas of e-commerce, marketing and products and services operations.

Dr. Johannes Ziegler

With Dr. Johannes Ziegler we were able to get you a top speaker from Silicon Valley. It was in 1994 when the vibrant Silicon Valley life has drawn him away from his home and into the US. To fully concentrate on his upcoming PhD thesis at the famous Stanford University, he had to redraw from most of his work at the management consulting McKinsey. After several years Dr. Ziegler is active as a full-time entrepreneur, with projects including the community platform miaplaza, where “strangers become friends”.

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