Ryan Leslie: „Find out what keeps you up at night“

„Find out what keeps you up at night“

This was the last advice Ryan Leslie gave the audience in the full lecture hall at this year‘s conference.

Growing up in a family with a muscial backround Leslie identified music as the centre of his mindset, at the very young age of 14 years. At the beginning of his speech Leslie gave the audience a short breakdown of the various stages in his life. During his time at Harvard University, where he graduated at the astonishing age of 19 years, he spent more time in the recording studio, building beats, than in class. After launching his first album he realized how the music industry cuts down an artist‘s profit. Leslie thought of better ways publishing his creative artwork. Since the web has always fascinated Leslie due to its incredible usability to connect people, he collaborated with a friend from university to push his music with the help of controlling music video keywords. As stated by him, he really appreciated the same level of hunger of success, he shared with his friend and today he is searching exactly for those people.

While big record firms spending huge amounts of money to drop their productions on the market, Leslie tried to avoid high costs with different approaches of commercializing. With the invention of iTunes Steve Jobs revolutionized the music industry. From then on artists had to pay a fee, if a record was sold via iTunes. Since iTunes does not share any customer information with musicians, Leslie build up his own CRM system to get in touch with his fans. Now he gets a much more detailed look over his record sales, revenues and of course he saves money by distributing records on his own.

In one of the most passionate speeches, the IdeaLab! has ever seen, Leslie proposed to really go out and explore what one is most passionate about. He closed with an exclusive and stunning performance of his song „Full Moon“ from his new album „Black Mozart“.

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