Oliver Bremer – The joy of co-founder-dating and ramen noodles

Oliver shared some valuable lessons with our audience filled to a huge extent with prospective founders: He explained how important the right idea is, how hard it can be to find the right co-founder and how much pushback you might get if you depart from the conventional ways.

Using his founding experience and a lot of personal details Oliver began the speech with his “best idea” he had in 2010 but couldn’t fulfill back then because he didn’t find a co-founder. He elaborated on the obstacles and discomforts of the first months and years of a startup – especially the importance of ramen noodles – before going on to explain how he found his girlfriend via match.com, an online dating platform and wanted to try the same concept for finding a co-founder – but no one believed that this could work out, since co-founders are usually people you know for a long time. Nevertheless, Oliver didn’t give in but kept working on his platform and created Founder2be, an “online dating” platform for jobs and founders and counts over 20,000 members with networking events all around the world today.

So Oliver offered an inspirational speech with the clear message to not give up and to find creative solutions to your problems – maybe making them the solution itself. Or to put in Olivers’ words: “What do you have to lose? There are no regrets to be had for having tried.”

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