About building empires even outside of Rocket Internet

„You don’t have to be an Einstein to build an exciting app”, states Martin Ott as a reference to Oliver Samwers previous statement and begins his speech in front of the lecture hall full of young founders and investors. Then he continuous explaining – “with his Facebook-hat on” – why through apps, mobile phones can be turned into the ace under table by young founders.

Martin pointed out that apps are not just a trend, but the possibility using little capital to make a company big. Given the fact that one out of four minutes is spent on Facebook or Instegram, the opportunities of new apps are endless, because you’re able to reach your customers whenever, wherever they are! Therefore, Ott argues that you don’t always need an incubator like Rocket Internet to climb the ladder of success.

Afterwards he journeys with his audience into the exciting world of being a founder and gives helpful advice on mastering it. Using the saying “fortune favors bold”, he concedes that founding of course isn’t easy and will be accompanied by high intensity each and every day! With the question “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”, Martin Ott encouraged the audience. In the end, it’s totally up to the young ambitious founder: Will they start their own company, join a Startup or first of all listen to our next speaker?


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