Brilliant opening by Oliver Samwer: God has given you the internet

‚How many of you are ready to start a business within the next six months?’

Oliver Samwer’s first question led several hesitant reflection within the audience. He elaborated on the point and asks what is holding up people from building their own business. According to Samwer, it is not the opportunity: Since „God has given you the internet“ and the world-wide-web is a ressource which is young and capital-efficient.

Oliver Samwer uttered his point of view that too few young entrepreneurs are braveheart enough to risk business. He compared contemporary entrepreneurs to the early Americans: there are only a few who dare to risk something (and in the latter case go west), but those who do so were very likely to be redeemed.

The incredibly successful internet-entrepreneur incited the young founders to be whoever they want to be instead being forced into a career-related role model. Samwer argued that you have to leave your accustomed sorrounding in order to make it count and take the opportunity the internet gives you.

Further he depicted that there are two types of founders: on the one hand the so-called ‚Einstein founder’, who is highly difficult to find and who initiates the advent of whole new range of products, like Mark Zuckerberg, and on the other a type who acts like ‚Bob the Builder’ and merely takes existing successful businesses to new emerging markets.

Samwer’s main points during his speech where that a entrepreneur-to-be has to be aware of the respective risk-return-ratio and must know his strengths. ‚Going into battle with non-superior weapons will make you lose’, Samwer stated.


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