The Olympic Games of the startup world

The Battle

We proudly present the Startup Battle Of the Cities, taking place at this years IdeaLab! At this entirely new pitch-competition, various founders representing their hometowns will be competing against each other, trying to bring glory to the places they are from. It has never been more difficult to identify today’s true start-up capital but with IdeaLab!’s Startup Battle of the Cities we are stepping up to that challenge.

How it works

The Startup Battle will be taking place on Saturday morning at 10:00am. It will provide insights into the atmosphere of various startup hubs. We will see how geographical location influences founders and business. Will the differences overweight or is founding a company globally done the same? Each contestant will have seven minutes to present their city, to pitch their business ideas and to bring clarity to our question.

YEPweek & IdeaLab!

The organisation of the Battle is just as international as the event itself as it is a collaboration of YEPweek and IdeaLab. YEPweek is a travelling conference, founded by IE Students, which seeks to bring attention to the different startup scenes around the world and promote collaboration and communication between them. Our cooperation brought together students originating from all over Europe, boosting our network, creativity and know how.

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